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Enterprise Management Services

Ekagra Partners, LLC's Enterprise Management Services cover areas such as IT Project and Portfolio Management, Cloud Strategy Advisory and Management, Strategic Business and Technology Management Support and Business Architecture Management Support among others.

Program and Project Management:

We provide comprehensive Program and Project management, as well as administration support services including advisory, consultative and direct support to the IT Program office. Areas of technical support including working with the IT Support Division’s program and project managers to develop, update, and monitor plans based on Risk Management, Change Management and Performance Metrics compliance.

Strategic Business and Technology Management Support:

Create roadmaps to refine and sustain using decision making frameworks such as Technology Business Management (TBM) for maximizing business value from Technology implementation.

Cloud Strategy Advisory and Management: Using CIO Council’s Application Rationalization Playbook as a reference, we assist agencies evaluate their current IT landscape and develop a cloud smart strategy.

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