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Innovation and Research

Ekagra Partners, LLC's origins are deep rooted in research and innovation. Dr. Abrams, CTO, one of the original founding members, a Stanford University post-doc runs our research and innovation organization. He has lead research and development projects at Department of Defense, Energy, Homeland Security, NASA and NIH to name a few.

We help customers navigate technology trends from our experience leading innovation projects in artificial intelligence and machine learning, application modernization and cloud adoption, blockchain, cybersecurity, data science and data lakes using big data technologies, DevSecOps automation, and human factors engineering.


We are awarded numerous (88 as of March 2020) Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Awards. Software we build under SBIR are U.S. Government funded and are free for any U.S. Government agency to use as a GOTS product.


Through these SBIRs we have software available in the areas of Visualization Tools for Data Mining (Raconteur), Battle Command Systems (LiquidApps), Business Process Transformation Tool for Rapid Reconfiguration (CAPS), Global Missile Defense Battle Management and Navy Cash Next Gen. For a complete list please visit SBIR Link.

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Our Labs are situated near UVA, Charlottesville and Virginia Tech, Blacksburg campuses. These are designed with access and collaboration in mind. Through these labs we support multiple AI/ML, Blockchain and data analytics projects.

Our technology labs such as OpenShift Lab allows government agencies to quickly validate proof of concepts.

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